A reflection of you

"We were able to convey our ideas and see them reflected in the design. They were extremely creative and talented, doing everything we talked about, rather than just doing their own thing."

Marvin and Susan Cohn


Building a true original

Custom Home Design

There is simply nothing like a Curt Hofer & Associates custom home design. Our knowledge of architectural design, historical context, energy efficiency and innovative thinking provide the framework for our distinctive residential ideas. In addition, the attributes of your lot and its characteristics are also important considerations in ensuring that your home design is uniquely suited to it.         
Most importantly, each Curt Hofer-designed home is truly dependent on the homeowner. Whether it’s renovating or updating your current home or starting from the ground up, we welcome your input and encourage you to express yourself. Your style, preferences, the way you live, entertain and even relax, your price range, interest in green building, products and systems, as well as your must-haves will all contribute to the final design. We’ve learned from experience that spending more time in the design process ensures that we have it right the first time – reducing the incidence of changes later.  


Curt Hofer & Associates will not put anything into your house that you don’t know about. And that assurance makes homeowners feel confident about selecting us as their homebuilder. Ongoing research and knowledge of the latest products and systems helps homeowners determine those that will perform according to your expectations and deliver the value you desire.    

From there, our estimating process is highly detailed – and put in writing. Meetings with our estimating team take you step by step through the estimate, allowing questions and clarifications. So you are able to review the pricing options and decide if they are worth it to you.

As changes are made to designs and plans, estimates are reworked and we’ll explain how those changes impact plans and costs. We’re also happy to provide you with our recommendations about changes, so you can decide how best to spend your money.

Project Management and Construction

Throughout construction, project management is critical to every aspect of the process – which successfully brings the design to life. Our reputation within our industry enables us to attract the very best, highly skilled subcontractors and specialists to ensure work reflects you high standards and expectations. We also base our selections on your personality and style to create a great working environment, that’s OSHA friendly as well.             

The use of green building products, soundproofing, energy efficiency and aesthetics are all important considerations that are taken into account. Your superintendent will serve as a valuable resource at every point of this process, acting as a responsible steward of your money and keeping you apprised of progress and activity at your site.                                             

As with all aspects of your home’s development, you are always welcome and even encouraged to come to the site to see how work is progressing. A final walk through is also scheduled once construction is complete. In addition to your superintendent, Steve, Craig and Marshall are also available to you.

Happily ever after

When you work with Curt Hofer & Associates, you never have to wonder, “what’s next.” You’ll know thanks to our homeowner documentation detailing milestones, target dates and details for completion. So, you can be sure to have all your selections and decisions made as needed to ensure there’s time to accommodate features and fixtures, special orders and one-of-a-kind details that are part of your home’s design.                                                

You’ve already waited your whole life to build a home like this – with Curt Hofer & Associates, nothing stands between you and your happily ever after.